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A new dimension in healing

UNIQUE, ADVANCED, COMPLEX THERAPY BASED ON REFLEXOLOGY, which achieves permanent changes in the body using the specific, repeated manual stimulation of certain points on the soles and feet corresponding to nerves.

OUR METHOD DOES NOT HAVE ANY SIDE EFFECTS OR HARMFUL FACTORS, IT IS BASED ON CONDITIONING WITH PAIN STIMULUS. During this process, a number of rhythmically repeated stimuli is necessary to achieve the desired changes and then to stabilize them. As the state (body, spiritual, mental) we start from is different for each person (that is, individual), the number of stimuli required for permanent healing or improvement is also different.

The therapy ACTIVATES RENEGERATION AND SELF-HEALING PROCESSES by optimizing organic functions, mobilizing the available energy reserves and creating internal homeostasis. In order to achieve this, the therapist who performs the treatment uses firm stimuli (affecting pain receptors), working deeply on the NeuroPress neural reflection points of the soles and feet. The response induced by these stimuli is generated through the central nervous system.

• Unique neuro-stimulation therapy encompassing reflexology and acupressure, using the specific, repeated manual stimulation of certain points on the soles and feet corresponding to nerves to achieve permanent changes in the body.

•No known side effects, no risks.

 •It aims to optimize organic functions, mobilize the available energy reserves, recreate the individual internal balance and initiate regeneration processes.

•It does not cure specific conditions or illnesses, it rather promotes the self-correction of our bodies by restoring the bases of life functions and reallocating mobile energy reserves.

•The strength or neuro-stimulation depends on the individual pain tolerance. The weaker our body is regarding a given area, the stronger the evoked pain will be.

•During the therapy, this sensitivity decreases and even completely ceases as regeneration occurs in the affected organ or cell group, together with the invigoration of the body.

•It serves to reduce and compensate for chronic loads and harmful effects, and to generally strengthen the body.

•Health development, health education and lifestyle advising is an integral part of the treatment, together with the inclusion of patients and their family members in the process of healing.

•Besides consciously reducing risk factors, the treatment aims to search for factors that support health and to use them deliberately.

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Expectable results:

– Activates the self-correction abilities of the body, thus the results are long lasting.
– Strengthens psychological resilience.
– Increases mental, spiritual and physical stability.
–Supports the body in fighting against pathological conditions.
–Reveals and corrects impairments in organic functions in an early stage, when symptoms have not occurred yet (preventive)
–Treats already developed vegetative impairments and chronic states with outstanding efficacy.
–Helps to stop drug dependence.
–Teaches self-awareness, thus it helps patients to be the master of their fate and control their health.
–It is complex: places equal emphasis on all factors that might affect health.

The status assessment always takes place on a previously agreed and booked date. At your first session, following the assessment, an assistant will accompany you to the examination room, where your medical history and personal information will be registered, and you will receive general information about the treatment, until the person who performs the assessment arrives.

 During the assessment, the person performing the assessment examines the neural reflection points on the soles with gradually applied palpation/pressure. During this, THE ORGANIC AND FUNCTIONAL STATUS IS DETERMINED ACCORDING TO THE SIZE AND STRUCTURAL PATTERNS OF ALTERATIONS DETECTED AT THE EXAMINED POINTS, THE SENSITIVITY AND COMBINATION OF POINTS, AS WELL AS THE INTENSIVITY OF PAIN.

Based on these:

✔ we determine the current status at the level of organs/cells
✔ we identify the causes
✔ we explain the required changes in your life style and their importance
✔ we provide information about your symptoms/illness
✔ we outline a treatment plan specifically tailored for you
✔ we answer every question that arises
✔ we discuss the treatment schedule and procedure
✔ if necessary, we perform an additional SCIO examination to clarify cellular-level characteristics

The examination results, that is, your personal treatment plan is recorded on a treatment card, which will be used by the therapist when performing the treatment.


NEUROPRESS THERAPY considers it important that you are aware of the status of your body and know your illness/symptoms, as if something is no longer unknown, we stop being afraid of it. Fear regarding a symptom or illness is always a hampering factor in healing. We think it is important that your family members participate in the assessment, as they have a fundamental role in your life, and within this, your spiritual and thus physical healing. In addition to our therapy, we consider it essential to provide you with adequate information about your illness, and to help you to find and understand the “tools” with which you yourself will be able to improve your condition. Resignation and giving up on your illness is not a solution, just as settling only for synthetic medicines is not. Make changes so that you can live your life naturally, healthily, without depending on anything! We will help you!

In each case, the treatment of our patients is performed according to the personal treatment plan, devised during the assessment. 
The method is based on pain stimuli. The treatment uses the specific, repeated manual stimulation of certain points on the soles and feet corresponding to nerves. The therapists who perform the treatment use firm stimuli, working deeply on the neural reflection points of the soles and feet. This is obviously painful, yet, it is bearable. This is well demonstrated by the fact that children can cope well with it. Our method is based on conditioning with pain stimulus. However, only moderate pain is needed for this, thus there is no reason to be afraid. The point is, our brain concentrates on the area that is sending signs. Pain is such a sign. When the corresponding point on the sole is pressed, the brain gets notified that something has to be done with the related organ. Thus we stimulate and guide the nervous system and through this the natural self-healing processes of the body. Stimulating the neural pathways in an appropriate, personally tailored way is highly effective, providing a thorough and targeted intervention. This intervention affects our biological-somatic or physical side and our mental side at the same time. Therefore it is very important which points are pressed, how many times and with what force. At our office, specially trained experts perform this. Through the soles, our whole body and every internal organ can be reached and influenced. There is no other method to do this.

The treatment has inherently no side effects or risks. Again, during this process, rhythmically repeated stimuli in an individually varying number are necessary to achieve the desired changes and then to stabilize them. The pain and sensitivity you experience during treatment sessions will gradually reduce and eventually stop as your body becomes stronger.

Thus, this therapy does not heal any specific illnesses locally, it rather promotes the self-correction of our bodies by restoring the bases of life functions and reallocating mobile energy reserves. 

The final goal is to restore balance in every aspect. For this, a reflexologist, a masseur, a dietitian and other experts work together during the therapy. They ensure that lacked microelements are supplemented, toxic materials burdening the body are got rid of, and they also apply other treatment techniques depending on the patient’s need.

Besides stimulation therapy, the method is based on the restoration of acid-base balance and the implementation of fundamental changes in everyday life style. The therapy is continued until the symptoms disappear, the neural reflection points are no longer painful, expert medical check-up gives good results and medication is no longer needed, or when significant improvement can be detected but we cannot achieve complete regeneration because of irreversible changes that already took place, and the patient achieved the maximal level of correction, his/her health status and quality of life have improved significantly.

NeuroPress therapy does not focus on the illness, rather on holistic health improvement.

The SCIO BIOFEEDBACK machine measures, analyses and record the electronic impulses of the human body at the cellular level. This method gives us exact information about the complex status and function of the body.

With this equipment, which is applied in several clinics in the Western world and renown world-wide, we can identify what cellular processes are undergoing in an individual body.

During the examination, WE FIND OUT WHAT NEEDS TO BE EXCLUDED (virus, bacteria, toxins, etc.), WHAT NEEDS TO BE SUPPLEMENTED (lack of minerals, vitamins, or trace elements), WHERE DO THE LOADS ORIGINATE FROM (intolerance, allergens, etc.), and according to this knowledge, WHAT TYPE OF LIFESTYLE CHANGES ARE NEEDED AND IN WHAT EXTENT.

- MEASURES THE PHYSIOLOGICAL PARAMETERS OF THE BODY (vitality, hydration, pH balance, gut flora characteristics, features of the hormonal system, etc.)

- IDENTIFIES THE LOADS (heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, etc.)
- SHOWS WHAT TYPE OF MICROELEMENT (vitamins, trace materials, minerals) INSUFFICIENCIES ARE PRESENT, and to what extent
REVEALS ADDITIONAL RISK FACTORS (e.g. emotional sphere, stress, radiation, chemicals, chemical substances, etc.)

The software TESTS THE FREQUENCY PATTERN OF 12,000 DIFFERENT SUBSTANCES in approximately 50 minutes.

The ALLERGY TEST performed during the examination (by testing approximately 300 allergens) shows the cellular reactions of the patient for different allergens (from environmental allergens to food allergens). Each allergen that the patient has a reaction for is repeatedly tested by the machine to minimize the chance of false results. The results are presented in a quantified format, thus they allow a clear evaluation.

THE SUBSTANCES THAT CAUSE AN OVERREACTION IN THE BODY (that is, trigger excessive defense mechanisms) SIGNIFICANTLY SLOW DOWN THE PACE OF HEALING AND HAMPER IT. Cells that are in a ready state with an increased sensitivity for environmental effects continuously use their energy reserves for defense and the fight to survive, thus they do not have any capacity left for regeneration.


The SCIO BIOFEEDBACK examination in our office is available - after booking an appointment date - for anyone interested in the status of their body, independent of using the comprehensive services of NeuroPress.

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